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terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2011

Mais almofada.

Como o blog não tem link que leva direto a postagem, resolvi então colocar o post completo desta, pois ela tem o pap

I've reunited with an old friend ~

My sewing machine! 

I haven't used it for a big project in a long time, but today I got it out and we 
spent the day getting re-aquainted while I made this.

I've been anxious to try my hand at printing something onto fabric.  This is a nest that I downloaded from the internet.  The fabric is inexpensive Unbleached Natural Osnaburg.  I ironed the fabric to the sticky side of freezer paper, then cut out a piece 8 1/2" x 11 to fit perfectly in my printer, hit 'print' and voila'.  The freezer
paper peels right off.

 The pillow form is 12x16.  I decided to frame my nest print with burlap.  Let the measuring, cutting and sewing begin.

I decided to do the backside of the pillow like a sham, with an overlap closure.
Right now it's in the entry with my new pillow from Home Goods.

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